Ferrara Piano Festival, founded by Simone Ferraresi, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to furthering the careers of talented young pianists by providing them with a range of opportunities through such programs as festivals and masterclasses.

Board of Directors: Simone Ferraresi, Harold Bott, Christopher Swann

Advisory Committee: Mauro Vignolo, Pier Giorgio Borasio, Paola Desantis, Dario Favretti, Giulia Vullo, Yashar Yaslowitz, Lucetta Capra, Gianna Borghesani

Ferrara International Piano Festival

Ferrara, Italy · 1 - 12 July 2018

"Learn from world-class pianists and professors, surrounded by breathtaking beauty in the historical city of Ferrara, Italy — City of the Renaissance, 'City of Bicycles', and UNESCO World Heritage Site."
Under the Patronage of the City of Ferrara

Under the Patronage of the City of Ferrara

MATTI RAEKALLIO, Masterclass / 3-5 July 2018


CHRISTOPHER ELTON, Masterclass / 9-11 July 2018


Costabili Palace, Ferrara

Costabili Palace, Ferrara

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