Ferrara Piano Festival, founded by Simone Ferraresi, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to furthering the careers of talented young pianists by providing them with a range of opportunities through such programs as festivals and masterclasses.

Board of Directors: Simone Ferraresi, Miyuki Kobayashi, Christopher Swann, Harold Bott

Ferrara Piano Festival winners' concerts.

After Christian De Luca's highly successful recital in Ferrara, the next winner's concerts will be held between Italy and the U.S. The other two winners of the 2014 Ferrara Piano Festival will be Francesca Ferrara Khalifa in Ferrara on November 14, 2015 and Matteo Cardelli in his U.S. debut on February 13, 2016.

Grande successo il recital a Ferrara di Christian De Luca lo scorso 10 settembre 2015. I prossimi concerti vedranno impegnati in Italia e USA gli altri due vincitori del Ferrara Piano Festival 2015: Francesca Khalifa a Ferrara il 14 novembre 2015 e Matteo Cardelli negli Stati Uniti il 13 febbraio 2016.

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