Ferrara Piano Festival, founded by Simone Ferraresi, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to furthering the careers of talented young pianists by providing them with a range of opportunities through such programs as festivals and masterclasses.

Board of Directors: Simone Ferraresi, Miyuki Kobayashi, Christopher Swann, Harold Bott

Ferrara Piano Festival recognized by IRS as a "501(c)(3)" nonprofit organization.

Ferrara Piano Festival is pleased to announce that it has just been granted the Public Charity status under the 501(c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code, thus officially becoming a federally recognized tax-exempt organization. This status allows donations to Ferrara Piano Festival to be treated as a tax exemption by any donor in the Usa. The effective date of exemption is December 20, 2013. The IRS letter granting Ferrara Piano Festival its 501(c)(3) status is available upon request. Requests and donation inquiries can be sent to info@ferrarapiano.org.

FERRARA PIANO FESTIVAL, INC. · P.O. BOX 6468 · NEW YORK, NY 10150 · USA · info@ferrarapiano.org