Ferrara Piano Festival, founded by Simone Ferraresi, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York City dedicated to furthering the careers of talented young pianists by providing them with a range of opportunities through such programs as festivals and masterclasses.

Board of Directors: Simone Ferraresi, Miyuki Kobayashi, Christopher Swann, Harold Bott

And the participants in the 2015 Ferrara International Piano Festival are...

With over 40 application forms received from around the globe, it was very hard for Ferrara Piano Festival to select the active participants in the upcoming masterclasses by Christopher Elton and Andrei Gavrilov. All selected musicians are of the highest level.

Matteo Cardelli, Italy

Si Chen, China

Filippo Gorini, Italy

Stefano Guarascio, Italy

Mathilde Handelsman, France/USA

Costanza Principe, Italy

Joanna Różewska, Poland

Elisa Rumici, Italy

Victoire-Théodora Pruvost, France

Michel Xie, Netherlands

Hao Zi Yoh, Malaysia



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